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An image of messages being sent in similar geolocation at Strategic Marketing Solutions in Apache Junction, AZIf you've been looking for a better way to market to your clients, we have the answer. Our geofencing service is an efficient and accurate technology that allows us to advertise your business where it matters most—on your customers' favorite devices. Using our platform, we can target specific addresses or even virtually draw a virtual boundary (geofence) around any particular area that you'd like to highlight. Users who live at those addresses, patronize those businesses, or frequent those areas will continually receive your personalized messaging, across all of their smart devices, in the ad-supported apps and websites they visit. The possibilities for small businesses are endless. Read on to see how we've updated our direct mail with geofencing to create more tailored, frequent, and effective marketing for your small business.

Direct Mail 2.0

We've been creating and executing targeted direct mail marketing campaigns since 2003. This tried and true method continues to yield results for our clients, with even higher response rates in 2018 than years in the past. However, at Strategic Marketing Solutions, we are always finding ways to improve and help small businesses, which is why we have added geofencing services to ourcustomi proven direct mail marketing.

Now, we can give you a way to display ads on new and existing customers' favorite devices. Instead of a postcard that sits at home with the potential to be forgotten, we can inject specialized, targeted digital ads into some of your clients' favorite streaming services and digital platforms. The best part is, our geofencing relies on GPS targeting rather than IP targeting. In nontechnical terms, it means that we can send digital ads to specific addresses that we've already targeted with direct mail. More specifically, campaigns that combine digital ads with direct mail yield a 28% higher conversion rate on average. This one-two-punch creates more awareness, improves frequency, and in turn creates a wider, more active customer base.

100,000 Digital Ad Impressions

While direct mail has been an effective tool of ours for years, there's no question that it has limitations. Creating personalized postcards, letters, and catalogs are incredibly effective because they allow us to get customized messaging in the hands of your potential customer, which in turn provides the best response rates out of any medium. However, when paired with geofencing, direct mail's impact reaches new heights. In fact, if you geofence just 5,000 households, you can automatically set yourself up for 100,000 additional digital impressions. Plus, these ads follow each user for 30 days, giving small businesses a valuable way to extend their reach and raise awareness.

Geofencing will not only add wide reach to your campaigns, but it's a great tool to use as a reminder. Do you have customers who you haven't seen in a while? Or, maybe you have dental patients who are late on their 6-month checkups? Digital ads that are targeted to the specific addresses of your client base can serve as the perfect reminder, especially if they've already seen your direct mail.

Only 18 Cents Per Postcard

If you want to bolster your direct mail marketing with geofencing, it's much more affordable than you may think! For an additional 18 cents per post card, you can add the power of geofencing to your direct mail, which allows you to reach new people, follow up with existing customers, and create a seamlessly integrated marketing campaign for your business. Do you want potential customers to view your digital ads first, using a piece of direct mail as a follow-up? Or, do you want geofencing marketing to serve as a reminder for your customized direct mail? With Strategic Marketing Solutions, the choice is yours!

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Does it sound like your small business could benefit from geofencing advertising? With more transactions being made online than ever before, our geofencing platform can help your business flourish. Contact Strategic Marketing Solutions today for a better, more personalized way to reach new and existing customers.

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