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Paper Stock Quality
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A man holding paper deck in front of printer at Strategic Marketing Solutions in Apache Junction, AZDid you know that the quality of the paper a piece of mail is printed on could mean the difference between a future customer reading it or simply tossing it straight into the trash?

It’s true! According to the USPS Household Diary Study, 54.5% of U.S households look at or set aside to read later, any letter-sized direct mail pieces they receive. When it comes to mail pieces that are larger than letter-size, the statistic increases to 64.9%! In the end, size gets more views, and that includes thickness as well.

This is why we only use the highest quality cardstock when creating our postcards for our direct mailing campaigns. What most companies would consider their "high-quality" stock is what we call “standard.”

This is just another way we go above and beyond for our clients. For those businesses who choose to partner with us, we’ll not only use the highest quality cardstock, but we’ll also print anything else you want to send to future customers, including pamphlets, business cards, booklets, or anything else you have the design for.

Whatever you choose to send out as part of your direct mail marketing campaign, we’ll get it printed and shipped for you at a tremendous value. Because we print everything in such bulk using one of the nation’s largest printers, our prints only cost pennies on the dollar.

When it comes to making your message as durable as it is engaging, 6pt or 16pt cardstock provides a rock-solid foundation for your marketing campaign. To learn more about the importance of paper stock thickness to marketing, you can check out this article.

Importance Of Paper Size And Quality: 100lb Paper Vs 14pt Cardstock

So you know what you want to send out to your future customers, but what kind of paper should you print the mail pieces on? Will it really make a difference?

If you’re printing postcards, ideally you want to go with a 14pt cardstock because this will make it more durable, and it can also be UV coated to help protect it from the elements (how many times have you NOT been able to read mail because it was rained on?). This kind of cardstock is also excellent for business cards and different types of flyers.

100lb paper, on the other hand, is ideal for brochures, booklets, letterheads, envelopes, and many other kinds of printed products. It’s light, cost-effective, and holds onto color very well.

To gain a deeper understanding about which kind of paper is best for your marketing campaign, take a moment to read this article.

The 4 Ps Of Direct Mailing

1.  Physical Attributes-size, shape, thickness: The bigger or thicker a mail piece is, the more likely it will be read
2.  Printing-color, paper: Bright colors capture attention.
3.  Personalization-lists, fulfillment: Helps the mail piece connect with the reader.
4.  Postage-Machinable, mailable, readable: Makes your message clear and easy to ship.

Don’t Skimp On The Paper!

When it comes to direct mail marketing, the paper your postcards and flyers are printed on is almost as important as their design. If you choose to print everything on low-quality, flimsy paper that is easily torn, your future customers with subconsciously associate this with your services. Something as subtle as having a postcard that is thick and has a gloss or matte finish will instantly make it appear more professional, and it will definitely grab people’s attention while they are sifting through their mail. As seen in multiple studies, this high-class appearance alone is able to drastically increase the percentage of people who respond to direct mail simply because it’s able to stand out in a stack of bills and other direct mail pieces. At Strategic Marketing Solutions, we utilize every strategy we can to ensure your success.

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